Storyboard winter sports
client: Scorch London

Vimala Rowe
client: private / this is an illustration of my lovely friend Vimala, an excellent singer and performer. I really enjoyed the "Cafe Society Swing" concert last week.

Stickers design
client: Split the bills

Never Stop Learning
Live Scribing / I just came back from a fantastic event "Never Stop learning" organised for and by the teachers to find new and inspirational ways to teach.

Humber rich picture
client: H&H

illustration for animation
client: H&H

Storyboard for Renault Clio
client: Scorch London

Food & drink energy estuary
client: H&H

scribing cultural life of a city

Culture map
client: H&H

Life of William Blake
This is a visual scribe showing the life and work of the great English poet and painter William Blake. Blake enjoyed to connect text and image and in this sense he was perhaps one of the first and for sure the most original scribe.