Blake´s visions teaser poster
William Blake is a genius. His brush strokes give life to both heaven and hell, touching the depth of the human soul. Shaped by strong colors and frequently misunderstood by the general public, his paintings are a major source of inspiration for me. Currently, I´m working on a film inspired by his life. At the minute I’m writing the script and developing the branding and visual identity of the project in parallel. It´s very exciting. :)

Wienananda music band CD
Wienananda is a multicultural Viennese music group that mixes influences from all over the world. Baroque is the historical period most associated with the city of Vienna. What if we recreate this period using different visual styles and elements from around the world? This concept enhances the uniqueness of the band, which is as Viennese as it is international.

All colors of Life – music band
The logo recreates a sound volume display as an expansion of the word 'all'. It visually communicates both the musical aspect of the band as well as their colourful and joyful nature. The black and white pictures stand for the physical world. These pictures are interweaved with colours that flow freely through the website, representing music and appealing to our emotions. The visual message is: Music enriches our world as it adds flavour and colour.

Superfund rebrand
client: superfund – When I first met the marketing director of Superfund to talk about this job, I told him I would like to redesign their logo so it could be placed on a ferrari and look like the perfect match. They wanted to keep the main signature 'Superfund – the future of investing‘, so I decided to create a sort of 3D emblem to protect it - the type that automobile brands use. Through this, the brand would gain tradition and a sense of gravity - good values for a investment company. The most elegant and expensive car brands were the inspiration for this job because Superfund works with the concept of the 'future'. People invest their money in Superfund to reach targets in the future, such as purchasing a ferrari. Playing with dreams instead of playing with numbers seemed to me the best way to go.

Ipad magazine
client: ludicgroup – That´s my first Ipad magazine project. I developed the layouts, covers, icons, infographics, worked on pictures and almost became a mining expert myself. It was a great success and the client loves it.

Ludic creatives
client: ludic

logo // visitcard
client: heinrich mader

sy german postcard.
"everybody is doing yoga." client: sahaja yoga