Vimala Rowe
client: private / this is an illustration of my lovely friend Vimala, an excellent singer and performer. I really enjoyed the "Cafe Society Swing" concert last week.

Stickers design
client: Split the bills

illustration for animation
client: H&H

The journey of the samurai
client: ludic – 'The Journey of the Samurai' is a short animated film. My task here was to create the entire visual designs for the animation: character design, backgrounds, color schemes, posters and identity. After some `tatakaru` with the client (they thought things were looking too much chinese) we were all very pleased with the end results.
No `harakiri` was necessary.

Bottle of water illustration
client: welldone – Doesn´t it look like a photo? If it does, my job is done.

Aloisius Oktoberfest
client: open#121 – Some of you might know this fellow from Oktoberfest. Aloisius is its patron. It was a nice challenge to redesign him in more clean and cool environment. No beer allowed in heaven, dude!

client: open#121 - Two dirty water drops, Tim & Trixi, travel to the Viennese Water Purification Plant. They have all kinds of adventures along the way. By the end of their adventures, they have become clean drops of water. This illustration was created as a part of a campaign for children aiming to increase the awareness of water usage.

grab a cup of coffee!
client: open#121 - Latte, cappuccino or mocca? Thanks, but I won´t have any of it. In fact, I might be the only Brazilian who doesn’t start his mornings with a cup of coffee. But I enjoyed working on the designs.

Victor Vertunni poster

Running code
client: open#121 – illustration for a open source brand campaign. 'Let the code run.'