Evening in Paris
Beautiful warm light on an autumn evening in Paris. This kind of light seems to transform everything it touches into gold and always makes me feel warm and cosy.


Walk in Richmond Park
My friend Olya and me had a wonderful day strolling through Richmond Park. We even met some deers.

joy of the first sun rays
Another winter is approaching its end. The sun’s rays are gently waking the life beneath the surface of the earth. In a couple of days, dry stick like trees will be covered with green, and the vibrating colours of the flowers will fill us with joy. Life always finds its ways to thrive.


Streets of London
Thousands of faces, thousands of stories, thousands of hopes, thousands of desires, thousands of expressions, thousands of thoughts and thousands of universes passing by. So different, so much the same. Seeking something better in the city of opportunities. Seeking the self.

This is by far my favourite place in Vienna. I never get bored of walking through the gardens of Schönbrunn. Every season, beauty surrounds the old castle. Autumn, dyes everything in different shades of yellow - ignoring all other colours. It´s as if Autumn wants you to pay homage to the yellow castle, standing with a quite dignity in the middle of a magnificent garden.