Golden Lion in vectors
client: personal - Golden Lion is a character from a cartoon of David and Daniel. Here I tried to adapt him for the very young public. If you want to see the original here it is:

Recipe website
client: medani / this is a website full of delicious recipes, working on it made me hungry!

Builder´s website
client: Maxdomus, I quite like the concept of this website. The slogan on the first page says: "The chance to own your own home has never been so huge" The word "Aussicht" meaning "view on something" and "chance to get sth." So you could read it either way. And combined with the picture of huge homes, I think it works really well.

Kuchipudi dance
client: Siddhi Bhasale Kuchipudi is classical Indian dance form based on ancient art of dancing, which as some say originates from Shiva the God of dance himself. Siddhi is a master of Kuchipudi and having recently moved to London she needed a website to promote this beautiful art in the western world.

Louise Ashcroft Mezzosoprano
Louise told me that Mezzo Soprano is like nice hot chocolate. I tried to recreate this feeling in the look of the website and give justice to Louise´s warm and lovely personality.

Life map infographic

Lorelei Petrescu pianist
Lorelei is a great pianist and a great friend of mine. I like a lot this minimalistic design, although it´s not everybody´s cup of tea. The logo is made of the letters of my friends name and piano keys and says Lorelei and her piano are one.

Magdalena Malec music website
I made this website for my lovely and extremely talented friend who is playing harpsichord.